'Abort Short Final' -Comics by Grant

So, I really enjoy drawing and playing around with design tools. Recently I have been playing with an iPad app called “Procreate (Not what you might think).” It’s a drawing app, and I’ve been messing around making some cartoons of things that happen at MAF. Some might only make sense to pilots. Some might only make sense to MAF people. But I figure I’ll share them here for the world to see. Here’s one to start us off, with some commentary below:

Out of the 7 international families here, I am the only guy who is a pilot ‘only.’ Meaning I am not a mechanic too. So, I was feeling pretty bad a few weeks ago as the mechanics worked tirelessly on getting planes flying again, an it felt like all I did was bother them to get it ready faster. They did get it ready, and almost immediately I came back from a flight on one of the other planes that was now due for service! Poor guys.