Update: April 2018

Flight 1 of many, leaving JHB in January

We left our hut in the mountains of Lesotho on the 26 December 2017. We have been traveling since then.

As many of you know, the main reason for our travels has been to undergo training with Mission Aviation Fellowship, as well as raise support for our ministry with MAF in Lesotho. All of our travels over the last 3 months have been towards the goal of getting to Lesotho to start flying.

Speaking at our home church in Bray, Dublin

This is where we have been: We started off visiting our Pastor and friends in Ireland, where our home church is based (Liberty Church just outside Dublin). No, we are not Irish, but when you feel at home in a church, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are.

From there we visited Dallas for a few days to see Emily’s mom and stepdad, then on to Idaho, where we did our Candidacy (see more info on that here).


From Idaho we travelled to Montana, and then on to Amarillo, Texas, where we worked on raising support for the next 4 weeks.

I (Grant) then went back to Idaho for Standardization (see more on that here). While Emily and Jane went up to Minnesota, to visit the other side of her family.

In April, I was reunited with my two wonderful girls, and on April 9th we travelled back to South Africa, and then on to Lesotho.

Here’s where our plans get fuzzy:

With Grampy in Texas

We are currently at about 47% of our monthly support goals, and in order to start flying in Lesotho, we need to be at 100%. So, over the next months, we will be going back to Lesotho, to continue work at the Children’s Centre, and to continue seeking support from friends and churches. We hope and pray to reach 100% soon, which will allow us to focus fully on my role at MAF, and Emily’s at Pulane Children’s Centre.

As we continue these next few months, we are not sure how the timing works out. We hope to be in our roles as soon as possible, but in order to be secure and able to live and work here long term, we need to ensure we are 100% funded. We would love your prayers and support to reach that target as soon as possible. We really believe in the work MAF is doing in Lesotho and can’t wait to be a part of it.

Jane celebrated her B day in Minnesota on the 30 March

Back in Africa, April